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About the body's energy center…

In traditional Chinese martial arts
It is called "Dan Tien"
In traditional Japanese martial arts
It is called "Hara"
In classical Hatha Yoga
It is called "Uddiyana-Bandha"
Fundamentally they all mean the same thing:
The body's energy and gravity center
When every movement unfolds from that place
Mastery in all of these disciplines
Becomes achievable
The inflated ego
Is like a river during the rainy season
You never know
Where, when and how
It might spill over
And destroy everything
In its path
Everyone is born
With a seed of courage
How it develops and grows
Depends entirely
On one's actions in response
To life's challenges and obstacles

If you are curious about what yoga and martial arts have in common you can visit the following link; 'Yoga and Martial Arts'. For related information you can also visit another one of Adnan's written works; 'Samakonasana by Adnan Tahirovic'. Adnan has been featured and written several articles in the international 'Yoga Magazine' and is well recognized in the yoga community.


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