Born in Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Adnan practiced, taught and competed professionally in martial arts, karate, kickboxing, and thai boxing in Europe, and especially in France where he had the privilege of studying with the great Dominique Valera. After two decades of training, Adnan's knees were so badly injured, he had to stop competing and teaching. It was at this point in time that yoga came into his life.

Adnan first learned Ashtanga yoga by taking private classes over a three-year period with Marcia Solomon of Ottawa, who now resides in Boulder, Colorado, where she teaches at Richard Freeman's Yoga workshop. Adnan completed both basic and advanced teacher training programs with Richard Freeman (internationally recognized master of Ashtanga yoga), the 'Yoga Spirit Teaching Training Course' as well as the 'Primary Series Teacher Training Course' with David Swenson. Adnan also took workshops with Rod Streiker, John Friend and Erich Schiffmann. Adnan's specialties include, first and foremost, Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Hatha Yoga as well as highly specialized programs for athletes.

A certified massage therapist, namely in shiatsu, Adnan has been a devout yoga practitioner and teacher for ten years. Adnan is a senior teacher, workshop facilitator and former co-owner of the Santosha Yoga Center located in the greater Ottawa area in Canada.

Adnan has facilitated a number of workshops in the Ottawa area, at various martial arts centers, yoga studios and internationally. Starting from June 1, 2007 Adnan will be teaching in Taipei (Taiwan).

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